The SpectraAlyzer SPIRITS – PRESS

The SpectraAlyzer SPIRITS – PRESS
July 20, 2017 ZEUTEC

The SpectraAlyzer SPIRITS
is the simple solution for routine analysis of the basic quality parameters in industrial spirits production and (crafts) distilling.

In spirits production, the SpectraAlyzer SPIRITS  performs the important quality tests such as alcohol content and density within a few seconds. Thus, the distilling process and downstream processing can be closely monitored by analysing samples from any stage of the production line – without sample preparation and the use of reagents or other consumables.

The immediately available, precise quality information enables better process control and thus a higher product yield with consistently good product quality. Whether you want to determine the state of the distillation/rectification process, dilution, bottling process  or oversee individual production batches – the SpectraAlyzer SPIRITS provides you instantly with the information you need.

Whether high or low alcohol content – the analyser system shows excellent linearity up to 98 % vol alcohol content. Even contained or added sugar does not affect the accurate readings.

The robust design of the analyser allows flexible installation both in the laboratory and directly in the production process, where temperature fluctuations, humidity, dust and shock have no effect on the accuracy and long-term stability of the measurements. Additional accessories e.g. a peristhaltic pump and robotic autosamplers can be added to enhance the sample throughput to > 60 samples per hour.

Thanks to the integrated web server, the analytical values, batch protocols and trend charts are immediately available in the company’s own network – and, if desired, directly in the Cloud or on production servers for further processing or visualization!

On top of that, the SpectraAlyzer SPIRITS is a very cost-effective analyser system. The ZEUTEC “Rent your Lab” initiative shows attractive leasing conditions which can be customized to your needs.