SpectraAlyzer GRAIN (NEO)

SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO – The ultimate solution for Grain Testing

Assuring grain quality from field to factory

ZEUTEC presents a new generation of the SpectraAlyzer GRAIN – the SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO with new features, state-of-the-art design, better performance and with the aim of bringing a new perspective to grain testing.

The SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO is built to provide Grain quality assessment and assurance to farmers, traders and processors.

The SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO is your ideal solution to obtain the measurement of moisture, protein, fat/oil, ash and other quality parameters in Grains, Cereals, Oilseeds and Flour. A greater variety of material can be handled with the all-new screw conveyor for sample feeding and automatic discharge. There is no need for grinding or other sample preparation at all, with an increased optical path-length, for a multitude of whole grain and oilseeds. Enabling Dynamic Subsampling allows for quicker analysis of samples, with results being generated in under 45 seconds. This functionality automates the decision-making process of determining the number of subsamples to analyze and when to display results, based on the outcomes of the analyzed subsamples.

In order to analyze powder samples, e.g. wheat flour, an optional Flour Module is available as an additional accessory. Each grain analyzer can be (retro) – fitted with a test weight module (aka Bushel weight, hectoliter weight, or specific weight) to determine the volume to weight ratio of the samples analyzed.

The SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO offers an improved UI experience with an array of new features and functions. The instrument is controlled with an intuitive icon driven software using a PCAP glass touch and color TFT display with 1280×800 pixel. With a screen size of 12.1” and high luminance the touch operation and data visualization is optimized. The routine operation of the analysis process can be automated with cloud connectivity features. Results obtained can be directly linked to ERP systems eliminating the need of manual data handling and archiving. The SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO uses a Silicon detector for detecting the diffusely transmitted light emanating from the sample chamber.

All this making the SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO the ideal choice for fast and accurate whole grain testing.

Key features

NIR Sample – Reference technology

like all SpectraAlyzer® instruments for high sensitive
and long term stable measurements.

Easy sample presentation

by filling the whole grains into the hopper on the top.

User friendly

sample presentation and easy to operate.

Compact design

optimized for bench top or at-line application.

Touch user interface

and intrinsically mounted glass touch for straight
forward hygenic instrument operation.

Many mathematical models

for all kind of products included for quick
algorithms installation and start-up.


web connectivity for direct instrument access
via LAN and internet from anywhere, any time.

How it works

The SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO is an all grain analyser and quality check instrument designed for the analysis of solid bulk materials in diffuse transmittance.

The SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO – All grain analyser and quality check instrument, is shipped with pre-installed standard calibration models for many products, parameters, and countries where typical applications are:

Grain trading/reception/malting
  • Wheat, durum wheat, rice, barley, mustard, sesame, corn, soy, groundnut, malt, green malt, rye, oats, triticale, sorghum/milo, lentils, beans, green and chick peas and others.
Flour milling
  • Wheat and rye flour, semolina, ground wheat, rice meal and flour, soy meal, corn meal and flour and others.
Oilseed crushing
  • Soybean, canola/rapeseed, sunflower, mustard, groundnut and others. All calibrations provide accurate analytical values and are 100 % transferrable between instruments!

Flour testing with Flour cuvette

To examine powdered samples, like wheat flour, you can use the Flour Module as an extra accessory. This module includes a cuvette that is placed in the measurement chamber and moved by a stepper motor drive. By testing the flour at various positions within the cuvette, you can analyze bigger proportions of the flour sample. Additionally, the Flour Module can be set to different pathlengths, allowing for the testing of various flour and ground product samples.

Flour cuvette before measurement

Smooth down flour with a scoopula

Test weight module

You can equip each SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO grain analyzer with a test weight module (also known as Bushel weight, hectoliter weight, or specific weight) to determine the volume-to-weight ratio of analyzed samples, at any time. The results obtained using this module comply to those obtained from a quarter-liter reference tester. The test weight module can be easily retrofitted by the user.

Technical data

SpectraAlyzer GRAIN NEO


Design NIR Monochromator
Spectral range 570-1100 nm
Verification of wavelength Automatically during start-up
Optical bandwidth 4 nm
No of datapoints >3000
Measurement Transmission
Sample presentation Automatic
Optical path length Automatically adjusted, range 6 – 36 mm
Measuring time 45 s, 200 – 300 g sample(refilling possibility)


Screen 12.1″, TFT 1280×800 pixel
User Interface PCAP Glass Touch, multi-language GUI


Software Integrated, stand-alone operation, fail-safe
Software / database storage SD card, 16 GB
Interfaces 1x front USB, 3x back USB, 2x RS232, Ethernet
Input voltage / rated current 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz(wide range power supply 150 W)1.7A,(optional Car Adapter 12V,10A)
Protection IP50 (dust and humidity)


Dimensions Height: 393 mm / Width: 570 mm / Depth: 458 mm
Weight 25 kg


Flour module For flour, semolina, soy meal and other ground samples
Test Weight Module For determination of volume to weight ratio of the sample


Test weight module, Flour cuvette set, Printer, WI-FI, Application worx (AWX G2)
Chemometrics software package, Barcode reader, Keyboard

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